“For anyone… who wants to experience a performance that balances dynamism and lyricism with uncommon skill, ‘American Moor’ is, yes, a must-see.”

Don Aucoin
The Boston Globe


“After American Moor, you may not see Shakespeare — and a lot of roles played by black actors — quite the same way.”

Nelson Pressley
The Washington Post

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“This deep-from-the-heart spellbinder by Keith Hamilton Cobb is a blisteringly eloquent and penetrating meditation on the ever-urgent matter of race in America”

Don Aucoin
The Boston Globe

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“In addition to a compelling account of black performers’ ambivalence toward Othello, the burden that the play and its title role can be for them, American Moor also offers a promising avenue into the future of Shakespeare performance…”

Michael Plunkett
Slate Magazine

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American Moor, at the Cherry Lane Theatre, is a witty, passionate, furious, and movingly intimate record of an African-American actor’s often unrequited love for Shakespeare…”

Patricia Storace
The New York Review of Books

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American Moor, which Cobb also wrote, is a probing interrogation of prevailing attitudes about race and art, wrapped in a single, tension-fraught confrontation; no one is likely to leave without feeling profoundly affected.”

David Barbour
Light and Sound America

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“If you go to see American Moor — and you should — leave any white fragility you may have at home.”

Pete Hempstead
Theater Mania

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“You can see it in his eyes as he speaks: Shakespeare’s words are delicious, melting on his tongue, not because of formal elegance but because they allow him, as he proudly proclaims, to live out the emotions too often denied by Black Americans.”

Nicholas Whittaker
The Theater Mirror / New England Theater Guide

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Black “(un)bookishness” in Othello and American Moor:  A Meditation

Shakespeare Journal (Routledge)
March 4, 2021
by Brandi K. Adams

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American Moor / Phoenix Theatre Ensemble

Shakespeare Bulletin (Johns Hopkins University Press)
Volume 34, Number 3, Fall 2016
by Kim F. Hall

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Lessons for Whiteness:  Keith Hamilton Cobb’s American Moor

Shakespeare Journal (Routledge)
March 9, 2021
by Vanessa I. Corredera

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American Moor

Shakespeare Bulletin (Johns Hopkins University Press)
Volume 38, Number 2, pp. 306-310 (Review)
Summer 2020
by Kevin Ewert

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